What is this all about? Edit

You all experienced the problem. You have an old game, which you really want to play, but can't because the game lobby is empty for a long time. Since 2017, 7Saturn and I try to change that!

Our goal is to establish a community for retro gamer. A place where you can find someone to play with and where it doesn't matter to which clan you belong.

We also try to find fixes for the classic games and document them here. But not only the games are in need of fixes, often the way to connect to each other is broken. With the many Masterservers and providers like Gamespy or Tunngle gone, we are always on the lookout for new ways to play our favourite games.

What do you play? Edit

Everything retro! You can expect everything from rts to mmo. We also host different gaming events, just have a look on our Discord for the next announcement. Should you have a suggestion just let us know!

How can I contribute to the community? Edit

Just get in contact with Saturn7 or me and we will figure something out.

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