Star Trek - Elite Force 2 is again a first person shooter, but this time developed by Ritual Entertainment and published again by Activision. Once more the Quake 3 engine is used, but in a very advanced version. The story start's in the final minutes of Voyager and continues subsequently in the Alpha Quadrant.

You play again as Alex Munro, but this time you serve under Captain Picard. He gives you the task to form a new Hazard Team on the Enterprise E. The teams first mission brings it to the USS Dallas, which suffered a brutal attack of an unknown force. After saving the survivors, Munro is reunited with an old friend. The remaining crew of the Dallas leads the Enterprise to the origin of the attack, an Attrexian station also undersiege of the new enemy. After defeating this new enemy, you discorver that it was just the handy work of an old enemy. This forces you to once again save the Federation from a extinction level event.

Where can I get it? Edit

A few month after the release of EF2, Activision decided to have a legal battle with CBS/Paramount. This lead to a complete production stop of the game, which means that there are only a few original copies left on the market. If you are very luck you can find them on ebay or amazon.

How can I install it on Windows 10? Edit

  1. Open your Setup folder on the CD
  2. Run the Setup.exe as admin
  3. Install the 1.1 Patch

How to play it in Widescreen? Edit

  1. Start the game once
  2. Go to your install folder and into BaseEF
  3. Open with Notepad <your-windows-username>.cfg
  4. In it you edit the following lines to your desktop resolution:
  • seta r_mode "-1"
  • seta r_customwidth "1920"
  • seta r_customheight "1080"

Issues with the Game? Edit

Where is the Master Server? Edit

Like with many other Games from this era, the Master Server are long gone. So, you will not be able to see the server list. You can fix this by download the Master Server Patch

Can I improve the performance? Edit

By renaming the ef2.exe to quake3.exe you will resolve a number of issues and have a massively impact on the gaming performance

What mods can you recommend? Edit

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