Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force is a first person shooter game developed by Raven Software and published by Activision in 2000. The game uses the Quake 3 engineis set during the late sixth season of Star Trek: Voyager.

The game let you play as Alex Munro, a member of the Hazard Team, a new special security unit created to deal with the unfamiliar threats the crew has to face in the Delta Quadrant. At the beginning of the story ship is trapped in a starship graveyard, heavily damaged and under attack from a unkown hostile faction. The Hazard Team has the task of protecting Voyager, as the crew makes repairs and investigates the cause of the entrapment.

Where can I get it? Edit

To experienced the singleplayer, it is the same story like the other Star Trek games of Activision, so you have to get it from Ebay.

Fortunately you can play the multiplayer for free. Either you get it from the UFP, a multigaming clan or The Last Outpost, one of the last Elite Force RPG communities left.

How can I install it on Windows 10? Edit

  1. Open your Setup folder on the CD
  2. Run the Setup.exe as admin
  3. Install the Expansion Pack or the 1.2 Patch

How to play it in Widescreen? Edit

  1. Start the Singleplayer/Multiplayer once
  2. Go to your install folder and into BaseEF
  3. Open with Notepad for the Singleplayer the efconfig.cfg and for the Multiplayer the hmconfig.cfg
  4. In it you edit the following lines to your desktop resolution:
  • seta r_customwidth "1920"
  • seta r_customheight "1080"

Issues with the Game? Edit

How to install the game? Edit

Since the original autorun won't work on modern systems, you have to open the CD in your explorer, open the Setup folder and start the Setup.exe. For many years this was all you had to do in order to install the game, but recently a Windows update broke this. Now you have to do it like this:

  1. Start the Setup.exe from the CD
  2. Open your Task Manager
  3. Expand the 32-bit Setup Launcher
  4. Do a right click on the first process and select Go to Details
  5. There you have to right click the Process again and select Analyse wait chain
  6. If there is a process which keeps the Installshield from running, it will show up and you just have to end it
  7. If there isn't a process which block's the Installshield, you have to check the other 2 processes
  8. After that the Setup should work, if not just start again the Setup.exe from the CD and repeat the steps

Where to find the config file? Edit

For many problems or setting changes you need to find your config file. It is located in the BaseEF folder and like the game it's seperated into a singleplayer (efconfig.cfg) and multiplayer (hmconfig.cfg) file.

Key is to short? Edit

Back when the game was release, some CDs came with a too short key. If you have that problem, just add to the end of the key a 0. Should you already have inputed the key, you can change it with the Notepad in the efq3.key file, which is located in the BaseEF folder.

Hunk_Alloc failed Edit

Some custom maps, models or mods need more RAM than the vanilla version. You can either change it via the console with the command /seta com_hunkmegs x, the X stands for the RAM value, alternative you can change the config file, hmconfig.cfg, with the same command. I can recommend in 2019 a value from 256.

The game is too dark? Edit

To fix this problem, which sometimes happens on modern systems, you have to set the Gamma-Values in your config file efconfig.cfg or hmconfig.cfg. You have to find the following lines and set the values to 0:

  • r_ignorehwgamma "X"
  • r_overBrightBits "X"

Game Modes Edit

The game is divided into singleplayer (stvoy.exe) and multiplayer (stvoyHM.exe) modes. In the singleplayer you can play either the main story or if you have the expansion pack, a tour of the U.S.S Voyager. In the multiplayer mode you can play either against the bots or real human players on different servers.

The multiplayer includes many different modes like:

  • Action Hero: one player starts off as the Action Hero, he has more health, can regenerate and spawns with all weapons. The hero gets per kill 1 point, if another player kills the hero, that player gets 5 points and becomes the new hero.
  • Assimilation: one player starts as Borg Queen. The Borg have to assimilate the other players into the collective. If every player is assimilated, the Borg will win the game. The human team wins by kill the Borg Queen.
  • Capture the Flag: two teams attempt to retrieve the enemy flag and return it to their own in order to score.
  • Deathmatch: the goal is to kill as many other players as you can. As a player get's killed they respawn shortly again.
  • Disintegration: this mode is like deathmatch, with the difference every shot kills.
  • Elimination: player's don't respawn after the are killed, the last man standing wins.
  • Specialties: a team/class based mode, in which you have to choose one of six roles, such as Demolitionist, Heavy Weapons Specialist, Infiltrator, Medic, Sniper or Technician
  • Team Deathmatch: follows the same principle as Deathmatch, players are just divided into two teams

Story Edit

Introduction Edit

Captain’s Log, Stardate 53854.7 After Voyager responded to an urgent distress signal, we discovered what appeared to be a derelict vessel drifting in space. An intensive scan from our sensors triggered an automated defense program in the ship. The vessel proved to be a ruse, a trap laid by a malevolent intelligence that has yet to reveal itself. It attacked Voyager with a sphere of unknown energy that transported the ship and the crew to an uncharted region of space filled with a fleet of drifting, dead ships.

A powerful gravitational dampening field pervading the chasm has rendered Voyager powerless to escape. All attempts to free our ship from the grip of the field have proven unsuccessful. At the heart of the gravity field, like a spider in the center of its web, is an ominous alien mechanism. Our sensors have confirmed that this mechanism is the source of the gravitational field.

To protect the crew and free Voyager, I am authorizing Lt. Commander Tuvok to activate his newly formed elite Hazard Team. Their extraordinary abilities and expertise might be the only chance Voyager has to continue its journey home.

Story Background Edit

Lt. Commander Tuvok’s Personal Log, Stardate 53843.2

Since our arrival in the Delta Quadrant, Voyager has been forced to defend itself from the aggressions of many hostile races. Although we have survived these encounters, each battle diminishes vital resources Voyager needs for its journey home. In an effort to minimize losses from future conflicts, I have proposed a plan to Captain Janeway that would establish an Elite Force of security personnel, named the Hazard Team, which could handle the most extreme situations. The Hazard Team would be a division of Starfleet support services, related to security and damage control. Consisting of security and engineering crewmembers, the team would be specially trained to handle dangerous conditions and hostile environments. In addition to standard security and damage control training, they would receive special military training in infiltration, combat, stealth and varied weapons usage. This Hazard Team would operate under my authority. The team would be activated in the most extreme circumstances, for situations beyond the capacities of normal crewmembers.

After extensively studying performance histories, personal files, and psychological profiles of every crewmember aboard Voyager, I have compiled a list of final candidates for the Hazard Team. Although I have reservations about some of the individual members, I believe the group can function effectively as a unit. I shall endeavor to train them to overcome the perils we will encounter during our journey home.

The Forge Edit

Lt. Commander Tuvok’s Personal Log Supplemental To assess the danger confronting Voyager, I have accumulated data from comprehensive sensor scans of the surrounding region. While most computer systems aboard the derelict ships are too damaged to retain any pertinent information, our sensors have gleaned pieces of information that may help the Hazard Teams prepare for their coming missions. After some extrapolation with the universal translator, I have discerned that the machine responsible for our capture is called The Forge. Its origin is unknown, but it is certainly hostile

The Forge has trapped vessels from numerous sentient races, all with one disturbing commonality – each possess advanced capabilities to wage a devastating war. One can only assume that whatever intelligence is behind our capture has chosen to attract different races to test and observe their combat skills, for a reason that has yet to be determined. From the available data, I have constructed a plausible model for the Forge’s operation.

First, the Forge launches a Probe, like the one encountered by Voyager. If the beings that encounter the Probe survive the initial encounter and destroy it, the  Probe’s resulting explosion transports any vessels caught within the blast into the Forge region. Once captured by the Forge, ships are instantly affected by a dampening field to prevent escape.

Judging from the structural damage on the derelict vessels, a powerful force then attacks the helpless ships, capturing crewmembers and removing portions of the hull. I have reviewed multiple entries from the derelict ships’ logs and found several references to beings called Harvesters. While nothing is known about the Harvesters, empirical evidence suggests that they are a truly formidable warrior species. I have detected the remains of a damaged Borg cube in this region. If the Harvesters were capable of defeating a Borg colony, then Voyager is in grave danger. It is imperative that we collect more detailed intelligence about these adversaries quickly.

Along with the Borg Cube, I have scanned other ships and logged reports about other possible adversaries the Hazard Team could face soon. I must ensure that each Hazard Team member becomes intimately familiar with this information.

Enemies Edit

Subject: The Borg Edit

Few would dispute that the Borg are the most fearsome species in the known galaxy. With brutal persistence, the Borg ravenously assimilate whole worlds and races into the star spanning consciousness of their Collective. Unfortunately, the Borg possess many powerful abilities and few weaknesses. Utilizing highly advanced technology, Borg drones have the ability to capture and assimilate others, converting them into Borg drones to increase the Collective’s efficiency. Defensively, the Borg can adapt their personal shields to the frequency of different types of energy weapons, including Federation phasers. Therefore, it is best to use weapons that automatically remodulate energy frequencies to bypass the Borg defenses. Seven of Nine has been working on such a weapon, but its effectiveness has not yet been proven in combat against the Borg.

The Borg’s connected mind is both an asset and a weakness for the Collective. Because they share a single mind, an attack against a single Borg instantly alerts any nearby drones. However, the nature of the Borg’s collective mind can be used against them. Specialized devices like a Borg Distribution Node are required to help coordinate the activities of localized drone groups within a Borg community. By destroying control devices like the Distribution Node, a local group of Borg drones can be temporarily disconnected from the Collective.

Subject: Etherians Edit

The Etherians are a highly developed race of beings that utilize bio-mechanical technology to power living ships. Etherian warriors can gather bioelectric energy from their ships and focus it into destructive plasma. Etherians also utilize advanced transporter technology within their ship and are highly mobile in their own environment. Caution must be exercised while exploring an Etherian vessel because of their ability to use spawn transporters to beam into any area.

Little is known about Etherian society. First contact with the Etherians resulted in a hostile conflict. It is possible that the Etherians in the Forge diverged from a peaceful race, becoming hostile after being imprisoned. However, all Etherians in this region should be considered dangerous and approached with caution.

Subject: Scavengers Edit

The Scavengers are a motley collection of races that have banded together for mutual protection within the Forge. Scavenger groups are composed of several races, including Human, Klingon, Malon, and Hirogen warriors. Little more than space pirates, Scavengers raid ships that enter the Forge before the Harvesters attack. With swift assaults, the Scavengers steal food, supplies, and energy sources to maintain their meager existence. It is probable that the masters of the Forge tolerate the Scavengers because they serve to weaken new ships that enter the region before a Harvesters’ attack.

Subject: Harvesters Edit

The origin of the Harvesters is not yet known. When a new ship enters the Forge, Harvesters are dispatched to attack the ship and disassemble pieces from it. After contact, a Harvester raiding party takes pieces of the ship and members of the crew to bring back to the Forge.

Main Character Edit

Ensign Munro entered Starfleet with hopes of becoming a SAV pilot. However, Starfleet took notice of Munro’s heightened resilience and coolness under fire. After graduating from the Academy, Starfleet deemed that Munro’s skills would be better suited for more physical pursuits, so Munro was assigned to Voyager as a security specialist.

Munro never seems to get rattled by things, and even in the middle of a tense crisis mission, has the ability to turn the tables and change a negative situation into a positive one. While liked by the members of the team and crew, Munro’s natural brashness and candor is sometimes viewed as arrogant. During an away mission with Lt. Commander Tuvok, Ensign Munro demonstrated extraordinary bravery to save a fellow crewmember. Several months later, when Tuvok compiled a list of names to join the elite Hazard Team, Ensign Munro was near the top of a short list of candidates.

Now, with a new threat facing Voyager, Munro has been chosen to be the second in command of Hazard Team’s Alpha squad. There will be countless dangers during the Hazard Team missions. Fortunately, Ensign Munro and the Hazard Team will be well equipped with powerful weapons and a state of the art Hazard Suit.

Hazard Team Roster Edit

Alpha Squad Edit


Lt. Les Foster Edit

Position: Hazard Team Leader

Skills: A capable fighter and leader with extraordinary reflexes and coordination. Psychological Analysis: Lt. Foster is an uncommon human male. Although emotional, he displays an uncanny, inflexible sense of duty and regulation not seen in other crewmembers. Foster’s knowledge of Starfleet regulations and operations makes him a very skilled and capable leader. Foster’s strict adherence to regulations is a proverbial double-edged sword. I harbor reservations about his ability to react quickly to non-standard situations. I will need to focus on adaptability training for Foster to make him a more flexible leader.

Dual munro

Ensign Alexander/Alexandria Munro Edit

Position: Hazard Team Second in Command

Skills: Munro possesses sharp reflexes, excellent combat abilities, and strong leadership skills. Munro’s initial assignment will be Infiltration Specialist. This position will utilize Munro’s natural scouting abilities. Psychological Analysis: Ensign Munro is a stable individual and is an excellent prospect for second command of the Hazard Team. In addition, Munro has demonstrated a surprising grasp of logic for a human, by devising clever improvised solutions to obstacles during several field missions.

I deliberated for some time before I chose the commander for Hazard Team. I knew that Foster and Munro would both be excellent leaders. However, I believe that Munro must mature and learn disciple before he can assume full command of the Hazard Team. During training missions, I have observed that Munro will take excessive risks to fulfill all secondary objectives, sometimes endangering the primary objective. With further training, Munro could mature into one of Voyager’s finest officers.

Crewman Telsia Murphy Edit


Position: Hazard Team Scout/Sniper

Skills: Telsia Murphy has consistently logged the highest scores in weapon accuracy training exercises. She is proficient with many weapons and an expert with long-range projectile weapons. The team will undoubtedly encounter situations requiring the talents of a sniper, and Telsia Murphy is the most logical choice to fill this position. Psychological Analysis: Telsia has demonstrated a near Vulcan mastery over fear. She is a stable crewmember who will make a valuable addition to the Hazard Team.

Crewman Austin Chang Edit


Position: Hazard Team Demolitions Specialist

Skills: Superior proficiency with explosive ordinance. Austin Chang is a logical choice for Team Demolitions Specialist.

Psychological Analysis: Although he is generally liked by most of the crew, I have noted that he speaks only when addressed or when absolutely necessary. Although not uncommon for a Vulcan, this behavior is considered somewhat anti-social by most humans. I attribute this behavior to a pure dedication to his study of demolitions, which is not generally regarded by humans as a social activity.

Crewman Kendrick (Rick) Biessman Edit


Position: Hazard Team Assault Weapons Specialist.

Skills: Crewman Rick Biessman is one of Voyager’s finest marksmen. His combat record is exemplary and his knowledge of weapon types is unsurpassed. Psychological Analysis: I have many reservations about assigning Crewman Rick Biessman to the Hazard Team. In many ways, Biessman embodies every quality that Vulcans find distasteful about humans. Biessman suffers from extreme arrogance and has the potential to overestimate his probability of success against superior odds. I have observed that Biessman enjoys taking the opportunity to mock Crewman Chell and also appears to enjoy a small degree of satisfaction in the defeat of his victims. Perhaps what is most disturbing is his occasional tendency to become overzealous during combat. If Biessman reaches a heightened state of aggression, it is possible he could initiate an attack before being ordered to do so, and may even ignore a ‘cease fire’ command from a superior.

Despite these reservations, Biessman’s combat skills may be vital to the success of the Hazard Team. I must trust in the leadership abilities of Foster and Munro to mold Biessman into a positive element of the Hazard Team.

Crewman Chell Edit


Position: Hazard Team Technician.

Skills: Strong mechanical and technical expertise. Extensive knowledge of alien cultures. Psychological Analysis: Crewman Chell is a Bolian pacifist who would rather pursue journals of alien culture and technology than train with weapons. I have noticed that Chell will shy away from combat situations, and may take cover and refuse to fire in some circumstances. His preoccupation with alien technology and machinery also has the potential to cause problems – I have observed Chell tinker with devices beyond his understanding, sometimes unleashing undesirable effects. Against difficult opposition, Chell’s nervous nature causes him to be overly cautious and pessimistic. 

However, Crewman Chell exhibits a strong character and loyalty toward the crew. In my opinion he can be trusted in dangerous situations to complete his objectives. I will discreetly instruct Foster and Munro to ensure that Chell’s attention span remains focused.

Crewman Juliet Jurot Edit


Position: Hazard Team Medic.

Skills: Superior healing skills. Telepathy and empathy. Psychological Analysis: While studying medicine, Crewman Jurot chose to work at the Vulcan Science Academy. While seemingly an illogical choice for an emotional Betazoid, Jurot learned to develop and control her telepathic abilities and eventually used her empathic skills to assist her with the healing arts. The Vulcan way of life left an impression on Jurot—while she is passionate and empathic like most Betazoids, other crewmen have noticed that she is often quiet and rigidly logical. While Jurot is certainly not a Vulcan, her straightforward and dependable nature does bring much needed stability to the Elite Force. In addition, her utter devotion to the medical profession makes her an invaluable asset to the team. Jurot has demonstrated commendable reliability and bravery during dangerous situations.

Beta Squad Edit


Crewman Jeffrey Nelson Edit

Position: Hazard Team Scout

Skills: Proficient with most weapons. Psychological Analysis: Nelson is a well-liked member of the Voyager crew and is a solid member of the Hazard Team. With time, he could mature into an excellent team leader.


Crewman Elisabeth Laird Edit

Position: Hazard Team Scout

Skills: Superior Weapon Skills.

Psychological Analysis: Crewman Laird is arguably the finest hand-to-hand combatant on Voyager. Her knowledge of weapons includes styles from many diverse cultures. She has studied on several planets, including Vulcan and the Klingon home world to train with weapon masters. While Laird has demonstrated superior fighting skills, she has yet to display the necessary skills for command. With maturity and training, Laird could become second in command of the Hazard Team.

Crewman Perfecto Oviedo Edit


Position: Hazard Team Quartermaster

Skills: Superior Technical Skills. Vast weapon and ordinance knowledge.

Psychological Analysis: Oviedo’s extraordinary dedication to weapons research and repair has allowed the Hazard Team to utilize superior weaponry during training. Oviedo is a stable Hazard Team member.

Crewman Kenn Lathrop Edit


Position: Hazard Team Intelligence and Operations

Skills: Good combat skills. Good problem solving abilities.

Psychological Analysis: Lathrop is a close companion of Biessman. Although he is not as prone to violence as Biessman, Crewman Lathrop is aggressive and emotional. Over the course of the Hazard Team training sessions, Lathrop has learned to channel his strong aggressions positively and focus on objectives. Lathrop is a stable member of the Hazard Team.

Crewman Thomas Odell Edit


Position: Hazard Weapons Specialist

Skills: Good combat skills.

Psychological Analysis: Odell is well liked by the Hazard Team. During combat situations, Crewman Odell shows no hesitation. He is a dependable combatant and a strong member of the Hazard Team.

Crewman Mitchell Csatlos Edit


Position: Hazard Team Scout

Skills: Good combat abilities and in excellent physical condition.

Psychological Analysis: I have observed that Crewman Cstatlos has a positive effect on the morale of the Hazard Team. During some exercises, he has demonstrated a tendency to choose the least logical solutions to training missions. His unorthodox thinking could be a benefit or detriment to the Team. Csatlos needs more training and is a good candidate for the Beta squad.

Crewman Michael Jaworski Edit


Position: Hazard Team Scout

Skills: Good combat abilities and in excellent physical condition. Photographic memory.

Psychological Analysis: Crewman Jaworski is a gifted individual, possessing an above average intelligence quotient and a photographic memory. Jaworski is also a talented tactician and has demonstrated several ingenious field maneuvers during training sessions. With a few more weeks of training, I suspect Crewman Jaworski will be ready to command a Hazard Team squad.

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