Star Trek: Continuum is a mod for Homeworld 2 and Homeworld Remastered, created by Continuum Corp. The goal of the mod is it to bring together the best parts Star Trek: Armada 2 and Star Trek: Legacy in the Homeworld engine. It's set in all four Star Trek eras, in which you can play as Borg, Cardassian, Dominion, Federation, Klingon and Romulan.

The mod also brings, beside the classic deathmatch, an invasion mode. In it you have to defend Starbase against waves of the mentioned races or additional the Gorn. To have some variation, you can also change the amount of Dilithium at your disposal or the level of difficulty.

Where can I get it?Edit

If you have the Steam version of Homeworld Remastered you can get both Star Trek: Continuum and Star Trek: Continuum Remastered on Steam via the Workshop. Just click on the subscribe button and the download and installation will start automatically through Steam. That way you also have always the current version of the mod and don't have to worry about a mismatch during a multiplayer match.

At the beginning you only had the option to play the original mod with the GOG or DVD version, but since November 2018 you can get an installer version of the mod.

Trivia Edit

The mod was original developed under PhatBoyGeo and called Star Trek: Homeworld 2, but after some time a big controversal between PhatBoyGeo and team happend. That led to new formation into the current team and the name: Star Trek Continuum.


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