Star Trek: Armada II is, like the first part, a strategy game developed by Activision and published by Activision/Mad Doc Software in 2001. The game takes most of the core elements of the predecessor and updates them, like new three dimensional graphics/gameplay, warp speed or colonies on planets. It also adds more ships and 2 more playable races, the Cardassian Union and Species 8472.

The Story of the game plays just six months after the events of Star Trek: Armada. Unlike the predecessor it only 3 races are involved, and each storyline is mostly independent of the others. The Federation must again survive another Borg invasion and takes in the proces the fight into into the Delta Quadrant. During this time the Klingon Empire must deal with a Cardassian uprising back in the Alpha Quadrant. And the Borg Collective must fight off an attack by Species 8472, after the initial invasion on the Federation, which leads them to combining forces with the Federation to eliminate this galactic threat.

Where can I get it? Edit

Like Armada, the lawsuits from 2003, between Activision and Viacom, Paramount Pictures' parent company and the following drop of the license, makes it very hard to get a copy. Again your only option is to buy the game on ebay or other market places.

How can I install it on Windows 10? Edit

  1. Install Armada 2 from your CD with the install.exe as administrator
  2. Install the 1.1 Patch
  3. Install the 1.25 unofficial Patch, it adds compatibility fixes for modern versions of Windows

Multiplayer after 2014? Edit

Since the shutdown of all the Gamespy servers, it's no longer possible to play the multiplayer mode without some help. Thankfully, like Armada, it also has LAN support, which you can play via a VPN-client like Radmin or Zerotier.

Fleet Operations Edit

Fleet Ops is a total conversion, it includes upgraded graphics and has a more cannon feeling than the main game. It changes also the gameplay, for excample the warp speed feature is removed and only two dimensions are used for ships and buildings.


  • 5 balanced races: Federation, Klingon, Borg, Romulan and Dominion
  • More than 200 new ships and stations
  • Dynamic tactics: Avatars, ship experience system, mixed tech, warp-in, ...
  • Fully supported and improved AI
  • Community driven and active in development since 2003
  • Engine enhancements: Widescreen support, FMOD sound engine, Tunngle online gaming, ...
  • Not the Armada you played: 99% of all models, graphics, sounds, scripts rewritten or replaced
  • Patched to include latest fixes up to Windows 8
  • Easy Installation: Installs right off your Armada II CD - no pre-installation required

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